Saffron Jensen


Saffron. Your one-stop-shop...


Take a wild guess at what my favourite colour is...

Being named Saffron always made me feel a bit different. A bit obscure, a wall-flower type who loves to observe every little detail...

Being so attentive to my surrounds, has taught my senses to soak up all the details. Photography is my outlet to sharing these moments, the beauty in something desolate, or how the light just caught you in that instance.

This is how my path has pushed me into both fields of Photography and Graphic Design. I hold a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Graphic Design), and have been working professionally in the design and photography industries for over 10 years.

Although I do hail from the jaw-droppingly beautiful New Zealand, my home base of over 5 years is northern NSW (Tweed Shire) of Australia, servicing the Sunshine Coast – Brisbane – Gold Coast – Byron Bay areas. I frequently work with clients in Tasmania, NZ, Canada and even as far away as Nicaragua. So no, distance is not an issue.

I am mindful with my approach to creativity, staying closely connected to my greatest inspiration – our Earth.

I am yet to meet another Saffron. In some ways, I hope I never do!